Coaches, Please review this before the season begins:

Review Important Coach Information.
Review and sign East Texas Soccer Code of Conduct.
Review ETSA Playing Rules and FIFA Laws of the Game.

Review and fill out ETSA Volunteer Registration Form 

Attend mandatory coach's meeting and draft 

Coach's are given a binder with important information during draft. Please return at the end of season.

Pick team name, uniforms, practice schedule/location

Ask for sponsorship from area business', if you cannot find one, please let the president or vice president know.

After drafting your team:

  • Contact parents-introduction as coach, team information, and first meeting.

Have a team meeting with your parents and players.

  • Review the ETSA Code of Conduct.  
  • Give parents practice days and times
  • Lay down expectations
  • If you don't have them already, ask for volunteers to help as an assistant coach or manager.
  • Be aware of calendar games and awards.
  • Communicate with parents
  • Communicate with board members as questions or problems present.

Be sure you have the equipment that you need for practices and games.  

Equipment you may need:  

Set of orange discs or cones.

Soccer ball


Begin practices!

Check the website often for game schedules and upcoming events

Login for Youth Soccer Coach

password- Mineola2505

Coach's Quick Link